Value Addition in Agricultural Products: A Case Study of Mango Processing

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Value added refers to the additional value created at a particular stage of production or through image and marketing. Value added agriculture is a process of increasing the economic value and consumer appeal of an agricultural commodity. It is an alternative production and marketing strategy that requires a better understanding of the rapidly changing food industry and food safety issues, consumer preference and effective management. It may not be inferred that value addition, means only processing a raw material into some form of canned food. There are various ways of adding value to a commodity. Further , in a country like India, the scope of Value addition is mind-boggling for the reason of availability of raw material as well as the large market size. In the paper presented here, an attempt is being made to study the sector of Value addition in agricultural products in the state of Haryana (India), with a special focus on pickle manufacturing.

Keywords: Value-Addition, Agriculture, Mango-Processing, Pickle, Food -Processing, Entrepreneurship
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Puja Walia

Assistant Professor, MBA Department, Panipat Institute of Textile & Engineering
Samalkha, Haryana, India

Qualification - MBA in 1998. One year industry experience and nine years teaching experience. Presently working as the Head of the MBA Department, coordinating the course and teaching subjects in Marketing and Human Resource. Pursuing research work in value addition in agricultural products with special reference to Fruits and vegetables in the state of Haryana (India). Participated in various National and International level seminars, conferences and Workshops etc. in the field of Management.

Ref: M08P0221